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Toyota Residential Fuel Cells Oh What a Feeling

Even though Toyota has just taken a financial hit regarding new car sales in North America this last quarter, the world’s leading automaker (arguably) in regard to sales, quality and technology has decided to continue on in the residential fuel cell market. Now, Toyota is no stranger to fuel cells as their FCHV hydrogen hybrid was recently clocked as having a range of about 485 miles, setting a record for fuel cell vehicles.

But, like the quality corporate citizen that they are Toyota is looking beyond the tailpipe to help reduce emissions and dependence upon oil. This will be the third year in a row that Toyota is participating in a Japanese government project to provide fuel cell cogeneration units for homes.

Toyota will send 24 fuel cells to Toho Gas Company, Limited, who will install them in residences in three different Japanese prefectures. The fuel cells are coupled with a hot water storage tank and because of recent improvements a 20-percent gain in heat recovery has been made.

So, what does the future hold? With a forward-thinking company like Toyota leading the charge, it is conceivable in the near future that well will be driving our Toyota fuel cell vehicles to work and back, then relax in the comfort of our Toyota fuel cell powered homes. Oh, what a feeling that would be.

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