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IPHE Accepting Nominations for Top Hydrogen Fuel Cell Projects

The International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy (IPHE) is accepting nominations for recognition of outstanding hydrogen and fuel cell research projects for 2007. In 2005 and 2006, IPHE recognized 23 outstanding international projects.

Projects recognized include:

1. The Autobrane project to improve technology surrounding high temperature fuel cell membranes.
2. The HyChain Mini-Trans project aimed at deploying low power hybrid fuel cell vehicle fleets throughout Europe from hydrogen powered tricycles to mini-buses.
3. The HYTHEC project, which investigates hydrogen thermochemical cycles, in particular the Sulphur-Iodine cycle for large scale production of hydrogen using solar as the primary energy source.
4. The HyFLEET: CUTE project that is focused on both hydrogen fuel cells and internal combustion engines in the public transportation section from development to operational testing. This project also includes the building of supporting infrastructure in Europe such as refueling stations.
5. The CUTE – ECTOS project is a field test trial of 30 hydrogen fuel cell buses at 10 European cities including education, training and safety issues.
6. The NESSHY (Novel Efficient Solid Storage for Hydrogen) project identifies the most promising solid hydrogen storage solutions.
7. The HyWays project seeks to develop a harmonized hydrogen energy roadmap for a transition to a European hydrogen economy.
8. The HySafe project focuses on relevant issues surrounding the safety of handling hydrogen from introduction to commercialization.

Kudos to the IPHE for shining a light on some of the most outstanding and exciting hydrogen development and technology projects happening internationally. With international cooperation and competition, we will be able to create a global hydrogen economy much more quickly and efficiently than by each region going it alone.

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