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Horizon Fuel Cell Hydrogen-Powered Bikes, Cars, Boats and Jets

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, Incorporated has taken a different tact than most other companies who are trying to create hydrogen-powered vehicles. Horizon Fuel Cell has decided to go small.

For instance, last Christmas one of the company’s hottest offerings was the H-Racer miniature fuel cell car with hydrogen refueling station for the hobbyist market. Horizon is also taking preorders for its Hydrocar miniature fuel cell vehicle, which uses the next generation PEM fuel cell.

Besides what they currently have on the market, which runs the gamut from fuel cells in cars for the toy and hobbyist sector to education products to larger scale business and aerospace applications, Horizon is also developing fuel cells for bikes, boats and remote control (RC) jets as well.

In the later part of 2007, Horizon Fuel Cell aims to have a hydrogen-powered bicycle in either Canada or China. The PEM fuel cell will replace the battery on an electric-powered bike already being sold.

Horizon is also looking to develop hydrogen-powered trolling motors for boats for countries such as Switzerland who have outlawed gasoline-powered vessels on its lake. The fuel cell trolling motor can move a boat slowly and silently through the water with no pollution, which is perfect for fishermen.

Also in Switzerland, Horizon has tested a hobbyist Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or RC fuel cell jet, named HyFish that can do acrobatics and reach speeds of 120 mph. Besides being a hobbyist jet, the HyFish may also be useful for silent military applications as well. No information has been forthcoming, however, why the UAV was named HyFish instead of the fisherman’s trolling motor.

No matter, though, as Horizon Fuel Cell continues to dazzle both researchers and consumers with its affordable hydrogen fuel cell offerings. Perhaps one day we’ll even see a few hydrogen RC boats offered for the hobbyist market as well.

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