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Gecko Energy to Build Small Fuel Cells in South Carolina

Gecko Energy Technologies, a division of Millennium Cell, will be manufacturing fuel cells for the portable electronics market in South Carolina. The facility will be built on the University of South Carolina, Columbia research campus.

In 2009, Gecko plans to manufacture over 10,000 fuel cell devices used by emergency workers. The product will provide lights to the workers as well as charge cell phones and other small electronic devices.

One of the most unique aspects of this product is that it will use water to power the fuel cell. According to The State, “The product is different from traditional batteries in that it doesn’t have a shelf life. It can sit on a shelf forever and won’t lose power as long as it isn’t activated. To activate, just add water and push a button, and it will start generating electricity.”

I’ve talked in the past about South Carolina being a hotbed for hydrogen research and development. Gecko Energy is taking this one-step farther by creating consumer products based upon leading edge hydrogen technology.

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