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4th of July Celebration with Fuel Cells

On this 4th of July 2008, what can be more American than baseball, apple pie, fireworks and fuel cells? At least that’s what the people in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are thinking today.

The Modine Manufacturing Company has built a parade float starring a large mechanical elephant that is partially powered by fuel cell. The float will be on the Main street parade starting at 9 am this morning.

The fuel cell, manufactured by the General Hydrogen Corporation of Canada and implemented by Modine, will help the electronic elephant turn its head and spew water into the overheated crowd. Ironically, the only byproduct of running the fuel cell off compressed hydrogen gas is a little water.

The fuel cell itself is the size of a small beverage refrigerator that one may use to store beer and soda’s this holiday season. Happy Independence Day to everyone and in a few year’s time, I may just be saying “Happy Energy Independence Day” and this also will be a day worthy of fireworks.

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