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Kentucky Cooks Up Hydrogen Device To Assist In Gas Mileage

The Grayson County News-Gazette out of Leitchfield, KY is reporting that a local man, Russell Cook, has developed a device to deliver hydrogen as an additive to the gasoline system of a car or truck that will increase gasoline mileage. Mr. Cook is calling his device the Aqua Quantum Fuel Saver.

The Aqua Quantum Fuel Saver electrolyzes water into hydrogen and oxygen and feeds the hydrogen into the car’s intake manifold. According to Cook, his device will improve gas mileage by 20 – 30 percent.

Cook says his fuel saver device is currently being sold at Shelby’s Wheel and Tire and out of his own residence.

Somehow it’s hard not to get jazzed seeing the articles about people at the grass roots level who are taking matters into their own hands and on their own terms developing the budding hydrogen economy.

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  1. Here is how it works:

    The oil and auto industry consider the battery industry to be a failed technology that can never be made or delivered in the form factor, price point, range or efficiency that they care about. (It doesn’t matter, for this argument, what YOU think.) So they got together and used “layered anti-evangelism” to manipulate the battery industry.

    “Layered anti-evangelism” is an intelligence agency third world manipulation device that works like this:

    1. Select the target: In this case it is hydrogen fuel cells, which have been demonstrated to beat batteries on every business front.
    2. Select your internal agents. In this case lobbyists and “writers” that are paid by the oil and auto industry.
    3. Have the agents contact and talk to the “sheep”. In this case the sheep are the writers for battery industry trades and heads of battery lobby or support organizations.
    4. Have the agents convince the sheep via skewed data provision. In this case selected reports were written and then shown to the sheep to convince the sheep that hydrogen fuels cells would steal their funding, put them out of business and that the only source of hydrogen was from the “evil oil companies”.

    So you have battery evangelists who are anti-hydrogen sheep:
    Ulf Bossel of the European Fuel Cell Forum
    Alec Brooks- EV World
    Sam Thurber

    Yet for every manipulated argument they come up with, they are shot down by hundreds of sites with facts, ie:

    WHY? Because you can make hydrogen at home and the ability to do it fast, cheap and clean is coming 40 times faster than they thought.

    This happened, using the same process, to:
    1.) Electric light rail in America (US Vs. National City Lines, 334 US 573)
    2.) The EV1 (Movie: Who killed the electric car)

  2. how is runing the car with hidrogen in the winter time?
    How many device you can delivery in Romania,how we can cooperate?
    I wait for your replay.
    I want to see how this device is runing

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