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Honda Clarity to Lease for $500 / Month – Glass Half Full or Empty?


Honda announced earlier this month that it intends to lease its Clarity fuel cell vehicle at the end of 2016 in California for just under $500 per month. Is this good news or bad?

If you compare the 5-seat Clarity to the 4-seat Toyota Mirai, the monthly lease price is about the same. Ten years ago the naysayers were crying that nobody will ever be able to afford a hydrogen car because they cost more than $1 million to produce (and at that time they did).

Five years ago the Chicken Littles of the world were squawking that no one will ever be able to afford a hydrogen car since they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce (and at that time they did).

Fast forward to today.

With the same information about the Clarity costing $500/ month to lease, a Negative Nancy over at Autoblog has stated that “Honda Clarity proves hydrogen future always costs $500/month”.

And, wait, there’s more. With the same information as stated above a Debbie Downer at Car and Driver has written an article titled “The High Price of Hydrogen: Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Will Sticker for Nearly $60K”.

It’s no secret that hydrogen haters have been around for decades. And, over time, many of them have skidded off the road under the weight of their own faulty arguments. Unfortunately there are some vocal hydrogen buzzkills that still remain who try to spin good news into bad in an effort to convince water lovers everywhere that the glass is half empty when it is indeed half full.







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  1. That price is a little much. I think savings in gas wouldn’t make up for it.

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