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Union County NJ Student Model Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Contest

In the past, I’ve talked about various student contests involving designing model hydrogen fuel cell cars. Since I believe that the students of today will be making the hydrogen car breakthroughs of tomorrow, I enjoy covering such subjects.

The fourth annual Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge was held in Union County, New Jersey in the northern part of the state. Students from Warren County Technical School along with around 200 other student participated in the model fuel cell car contest.

There were many glitches in the race as students found that getting their cars to run during the contest was not the same as when they had practiced in the gym. Loose wires, friction, malfunctioning hydrogen balloon tanks were the course for the day.

But, in the end, it was a good learning experience and a chance to correct mistakes and try again next year. These experiences will prepare the engineers, electricians and researchers of tomorrow with experience today that will mean huge gains for the hydrogen cars of the future.

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