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2010 Formula Zero and Le Mans Hydrogen Racecars a Go-Go

The wonderful thing about hydrogen cars is that they can be like any other car. They can be street legal vehicles tooling down the city streets or taking a long road trip on the highways or they can be used as racecars.

There are two different hydrogen racecar events that have caught my eye recently. The first event is that the Mazda RX-8 RE hydrogen / gasoline dual fuel car will be returning to the 24-hour “Le Mans vers le futur” (Le Mans into the future) event.

The Mazda RX-8 RE racecar will be competing with other high performance yet eco-friendly vehicles. Two of the racecars the Mazda zoom-zoom car will be competing with include the Ferrari 599XX HPDC and the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid.

In other news regarding the Formula Zero race, “The Dutch Greenchoice Forze team from the Technical University of Delft is this week with their self-built hydrogen racing kart in Rio de Janeiro. At the Nelson Piquet circuit they introduce their hydrogen racing kart, whose only exhaust is pure water, to the international press and automotive industry. The reason for their trip is the Challenge Bibendum, which takes place this week in Rio de Janeiro.”

I had talked about the 2009 Formula Zero race last year about this same time. The racing cart had set an unofficial record on a 1/8 mile track. The Formula Zero races are good fun and an effective way to showcase the power of hydrogen cars among enthusiastic fans.

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