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Tell Jay Leno to Get a Hydrogen Car

Yesterday, I talked about how to get involved in promoting hydrogen cars. Suggestion number 10 involved promoting hydrogen cars to celebrities. Well, this blog post is a call for “Jay Leno to get himself a hydrogen car!”

Some other celebrities have recently been associated with hydrogen cars. Of course, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is onboard since he is promoting an entire hydrogen highway system in California. Brad Pitt also seems to be onboard since last month he stepped out of a BMW Hydrogen 7 luxury car at the opening of his new movie Ocean’s 13.

Jack Nicholson was onboard in 1978, when he sniffed the tailpipe of a hydrogen burning Chevy H2-4. Actress Q’orianka Kilcher is only 17-years-old and the car she is now driving, her first, is the Honda FCX hydrogen car.

But, as far as celebrities go, who is the biggest car nut, gearhead, motorhead, and enthusiast of them all? Jay Leno. Where is Jay’s hydrogen car? Now, one may not think that Jay Leno is into alternative fuel vehicles, but he is.

Recently, Jay wrote an article promoting the Tesla Roadster electric car. Jay also helped General Motors design the Ecojet, which runs on ethanol. In Jay’s Garage there is also a 1909 Baker Electric car and a 1916 Owen Magnetic.

Back on June 3, I posted a note on Jay’s blog telling him that he needs a hydrogen car. Since I haven’t heard a word yet, I thought I would get some of the readers of this blog involved. Email Jay Leno at Tonightshowfeedback AT and tell Jay that he needs a hydrogen car in his garage.

How can the world’s largest celebrity gearhead and King of Late Night Comedy be without such a vehicle?

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