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Offers current news about hydrogen that is not covered in the other categories.

Hydrail: A Pullet Surprise

by guest blogger Stan Thompson If anyone out there is a friend of CNN’s Nadine Schmidt, please do five things: Buy Nadine a really nice steak dinner! Thank her for her excellent segment on hydrail April 12 (http://money.cnn.com/2017/04/12/technology/germany-hydrogen-powered-train/). Give her my eternal thanks for exhuming perhaps the deepest—and most regrettably—buried environmental story of the …

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Eleventh International Hydrail Conference: a first look at the program

by guest blogger Stan Thompson This year’s “11-IHC” is the first event since the International Hydrail Conference series began in 2005 when a major focus of the agenda will be on hydrogen fuel cell passenger railway equipment already being manufactured and in service. (see http://www.hydrail.org) China now has two hydrail …

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Cowabunga! It’s National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, October 8th

It’s the 1st ever National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, October 8th, 2015 – Cowabunga, dudes and dudettes! By unanimous consent of S.Res.217, the U. S. Senate has declared this a day to celebrate hydrogen and fuel cells. Sponsored by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) this resolution was introduced on July …

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Hydrail commercializing: the 2015 Mooresville conference

by guest blogger Stan Thompson For ten years now, the Appalachian State University and Mooresville NC originators of the International Hydrail Conference series have predicted, explained and advocated hydrogen railway traction. Now, like a teenager suddenly outgrowing all her clothes, hydrail is coming of age—commercially and with a vengeance! This …

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President Putin prods hydrail ahead

by guest blogger Stan Thompson By fiddling with his oil faucets and natural gas valves, Vladimir Putin may be having the same unintended acceleration effect on Europe’s diesel-to-hydrail transition that John L. Lewis had on the coal-to-diesel transition in the USA during the last century. Recently I’ve heard two ambassadors from European countries …

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