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The history of hydrogen, fuel cells, hydrogen cars and fuel cell vehicles is examined.

BMW using Hydrogen Fuel during Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

  “When I hear people blaming the automobile for global warming, I have to chuckle. It’s not the car. It’s the fuel.”                        Jay Leno in this article Hollywood stars drive hydrogen-fueled cars: actors Edward Norton and Cameron Diaz, Placido Domingo and Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Joely Fisher, and many others, as they wait patiently …

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Ammonia believed to benefit Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

“A man with a new idea is a crank until he succeeds.” – Mark Twain Can science find a detour to the Hydrogen Economy? Serious scientists believe that, before an infrastructure can support a fuel cell based transportation industry, the present system could easily adopt to ammonia, if only temporary. …

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Logical Progress in Hydrogen Fuel Cell History

“Science is not about making predictions or performing experiments. Science is about explaining.”      Bill Gaede The first ‘Hypercars’ were built during the 1990s. GM and VW followed Amory Lovins’ guidance and undertook to make a car to his principles. The EV 1 was a bold experiment whose time had not …

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Modern Pioneer Influences Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

“I realized that energy was at the root of many security, development, and environment problems,”      Amory Lovins Doomsday prophet, socio-economic genius or automotive planner? — Neither. — A modern day automotive pioneer: a thinker, not a tinkerer. In 1976, Lovins, a young man in his 20s, presented an essay …

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Car Designer favours Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

  “A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist.” – Buckminster Fuller The 1973 oil embargo caused a number of changes in industry and society. It caused the (temporary) departure of the muscle cars and created an enthusiasm for small, fuel-efficient cars. It …

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Canada’s effect on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

  “I don’t think we’re going to see the price of oil going down in the near future, that’s the reality.”      -Carly Fiorina, former Republican presidential candidate When fuel prices increase again –very likely– and supplies diminish –very certain– alternative fuels are the only alternative. Hydrogen and electricity are …

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Oil crisis’ effect on Hydrogen & Fuel Cell History

  “We aren’t addicted to oil, but our cars are.”         – James Woolsey, national security and energy specialist Wake up World!  Do something! December 1973. Oil embargo. Panic. Fighting at the pumps. Mile long line-ups at refueling stations in cities everywhere. Petrol, petrol everywhere –underground-, but not a drop …

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Countries advancing Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

“A lasting lesson of the crisis years is the power of markets and their ability to adjust to disruptions, if government allows them to.”      Daniel Yergin The 1973 oil embargo, the second oil crisis, got a large part of the world to think about how to manage its affairs with …

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Backyard testing in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

“Electric cars are going to be very important for urban transportation.”            Carlos Ghosn, CEO Nissan-Renault The back yard – behind factory buildings- is just where General Motors tested the first earthbound, – better to say road-bound – fuel cell electric vehicle. FCEV is Toyota’s term for the Mirai to clarify …

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