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Email from a Hydrogen Car Supporter

I don’t usually publish emails that I receive from visitors to the hydrogen car website (in fact, this is the first one), but I wanted to share this one, with the author’s permission. The email struck a chord with me because of Mr. Gonzalez’s enthusiasm and willingness to take action on behalf of getting the word out about hydrogen cars.

Here’s the email:

Hello dear friends of the hydrogen economy !As a little 12 year old boy growing up in the Los Angeles area in 1965, I once dreamed of a day when my lungs would no longer choke me when I took a breath. To me it seemed immoral that little boys and girls as well as adults could not breathe healthy air just because they were born in Los Angeles, or in my case because circumstances of life brought us there.

Now as a 53 year old citizen of Miami, I hope and pray that I will still live to see that day when we can bury the gasoline engine. I was very happy to see your website. Let me know what I need to know and do, to help out. I will let my friends know about you. I wish you success.

Cesar M. Gonzalez, Miami, FL

Here was my reply:

Hello Cesar,

Thanks for the nice words about the website and your vote of confidence. Like Al Gore says in “An Inconvenient Truth”, cleaning up the air and environment can be seen as a moral issue and an obligation.

The best way to help out is to keep the conversation going about hydrogen cars. As the price of gasoline comes down, so does interest (unfortunately) in hydrogen cars. So, it is important to keep talking about and promoting hydrogen cars as a viable long-term resource for cleaner air and less dependence upon foreign fossil fuels.

In order to keep the conversation going you may wish to participate on the environmental message boards like the one on our site, post blog responses and basically talk to anyone who will listen about hydrogen cars and how the future is not very far away in regard to hydrogen cars and a hydrogen-based economy.

By getting the word out and keeping the conversation going, we not only educate people but generate interest. This interest will also be adopted by the politicians who appropriate the money to put towards research and development on hydrogen technology.

So, keep getting the word out, drop by my website, blog and message board as often as you can and tell friends, family and anyone else who will listen about hydrogen cars and our grassroots effort will one day pay off in the not too distant future.

Best Regards,


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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen car blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen cars, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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  1. We should have been looking for alternative clean fuels years ago, we always knew that oil is not replaceable.
    Why there has not been investment in new fuels, who knows, and we will never know.
    The technology to do bio fuels, ethanol’s and other variants were around many ears ago, although we saw the storm approaching,we waited till we were in the storm and then we closed the hatches.

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