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2008 Beijing Olympics Ready Hydrogen Cars for Prime Time

There is no doubt that green technology is hot and the Olympics are just the place to showcase hydrogen car technology and a country’s commitment to cleaning up their environment. In November 2006, I had started talking about hydrogen cars being featured in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Since this time, other past and future Olympics destinations have jumped aboard hydrogen technology including Lake Placid, NY (1932, 1980), British Columbia, Canada (2010), and London England (2012).

Yesterday, Tongji University unveiled the first 15 of 20 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles built in China that will be in use at the 2008 Beijing Olympics August 8 through August 24, 2008. The hydrogen Passat Lingyu FCVs built by Tongji University, the Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Company and Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company will operate along side 500 other alternative fuel vehicles during the Olympic Games.

Only a few miles from the Olympic stadium, the Chinese government has opened the Beijing Hydrogen Park. The facility will include a $3.5 million BP hydrogen fueling station to service the fuel cell vehicles, and educate citizens, tourists and others about hydrogen as an alternative energy resource. The Passat Lingyu FCVs will shuttle VIPs, the media and others around the sites for the 2008 Olympic Games and provide a worldwide venue of the virtues of hydrogen.

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