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Hydrogen Generators for Cars and Trucks

Hydrogen generators for cars and trucks are becoming increasingly popular. And, why not, since these units can increase gas mileage, increase engine performance and decrease emissions all at the same time.

Hydrogen generators for cars and trucks are sometimes called hydrogen boosting technology or hydrogen injection or even hydrogen additive technology.

But, no matter what you can it, they all work in a similar fashion.

The idea behind onboard hydrogen generators for cars and trucks is that they use electricity provided by the car to electrolyze a small amount of water and inject the resulting hydrogen and oxygen gases into the vehicle's intake system. The hydrogen and oxygen displace some of the fossil fuels in the cylinders, help the gasoline or diesel fuel to burn more efficiently, increase power and decrease pollutants coming out the tailpipe.

Disclaimer: One must note that hydrogen generators are controversial right now as critics say they don't work and if they do they don't work as well as some vendors advertise.

Below is a list of some of the more popular hydrogen generator kits and DIY systems that are currently on the market.


Hydrogen DIY Plans

Smack's Booster is a DIY system that shows garage inventors how to build the electrolysis unit step-by-step.


Hydrogen Generator Kits for Cars and Light Trucks

Hydrogen Generator Kits - features a complete line of hydrogen generators for cars and trucks plus accessories. Prices start at $400.

HHO Kits - features complete HHO kits from $500 to $800 depending upon the size of your vehicle. Lots of extras if needed for your vehicle.

Hydrogen Boost is a complete system including hose, wiring kit, electronic control circuit and manuals. Sells for between $1,000 - $4,000 depending upon type of vehicle.

Green Future Technology offers a hydrogen generator kit for gasoline and diesel powered cars and trucks. Prices start at $1,095.

National Vapor Industries - offers several different types of units and currently has an application pending with the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

HydroLectricPower - hydrogen only device (not HHO) that is approved by CARB for reducing tailpipe emissions and is said to significantly increase gas mileage.


Hydrogen Generator Kits for Light Trucks Only

Note Out of Business: Get Hydro Power is a system for light trucks that mounts in the toolbox or bed of the vehicle. The systems start at $2,095 and go up to $11,490.


Hydrogen Generator Kits for Large Trucks

GreenChek Technology - uses a hydrogen fuel injection system for large trucks, diesel trains and buses.


Convert Gasoline-Powered Cars to Run 100-Percent on Hydrogen Gas

Here are the companies involved in converting normal gasoline internal combustion engines to run on 100-percent compressed hydrogen gas:

Intergalactic Hydrogen (American Fuel Vehicles) -

Collier Technologies -

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. -



As you can see, there are quite a few choices of hydrogen generators for cars and trucks and more are being developed all the time. With gasoline prices at all-time highs and global warming a worldwide threat, many people are looking for a way to use less fuel now. The devices listed on this page are a step in the right direction. For other hydrogen generator types please check out the page listed as many different systems exist in today's marketplace.

You can find out more information about hydrogen gas savers and generators on our blog.