DOE to Sponsor H-Prize for Home Hydrogen Refueler for Cars

The U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) is seeking information in regard to sponsoring an H-Prize competition for developing cost effective home hydrogen refueling stations for consumer automobiles.

According to the DOE, “The FCT Office is seeking information related to a potential H-Prize competition involving home hydrogen refueling systems, which would further the purpose of H-Prize in accelerating the development and commercial application of hydrogen energy technology. These systems would be designed to produce hydrogen applicable to residential settings for vehicle fueling, using feedstocks with an existing residential delivery infrastructure. The potential prize award would be $1 million.

“Systems of interest would provide supplemental hydrogen for vehicle fueling at single- or multi-family dwellings. These systems would be installed in residential locations using feedstocks commonly delivered to most residences (e.g., electricity and natural gas). The system physical size and safety requirement must be appropriate for a residential setting. Information regarding individual components of the systems are of interest, but responses regarding complete systems (including the hydrogen generation technology and the components required for refueling, including compression and filling equipment) are of particular interest. Technologies in all stages of development are of interest.”

With the 2015 deadline looming where automakers say they will be ready with commercial fuel cell vehicles, many have wondered out loud whether or not the U. S. Government was going to take any action in regard to helping to build infrastructure to support the hydrogen cars. And now, at least on the home front, the answer is yes.

You can read the full text here of the DOE Home Hydrogen Refueler H-Prize document.


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